What does it mean to be a healer or to be healed?

Of course, at best this is a loaded question... what does it mean to be healed or healthy? Doctors will tell you it is the absence or remission of illness or sickness, and that certainly fits the bill well enough. But what If I told you that there was another deeper aspect to this process we call healing. 

The Authentic Self

This is a term which you may or may not have heard or used before, but it has been known by  other references throughout history such as: the Higher Self, or even the Soul. Of course spiritual academics throughout history have also over-complicated, what could have been a simpler conversation and understanding about the spiritual process but that is a subject for a much deeper exploration.

To understand the Authentic Self you will need to broaden your personal definition of healing or what it means to be healed; we will also now state that healing is part and parcel to the process of Awakening. This is not to suggest that you have to be perfectly healthy to be Awakened, but the two are intimately linked, and that warrants further explanation. 

To understand this even further you will also need to understand that there is an evolutionary goal of our planet, and that Spiritual Awakening is part of that goal. I am sorry to say that this goal is not contingent upon the ideals or goals expressed by the modern religions, and yet throughout their individual dogmas are nuggets of truth about this organic process.

Now to go a step beyond that, I will suggest that when we become healers or awaken to the Healer Within, what we will also call the Authentic Self or more precisely the Emergent Authentic Self, we are falling back into line with this original organic process of evolution. When we fall back in line or reassert this organic evolutionary process, we are accepting the role to awaken others: we do this by healing them, or more importantly leading them toward the healers or Authentic Selves, within themselves. This acceptance does not have to be an egoic, or intellectual exercise, as simply letting go to this new state of consciousness is enough to align oneself with the natural impulse of its purpose.

Awakening The Healer Within

When one "Awakens" to their personal potential as healers, and if they can get beyond their personal designs of the ego and all of its misdirection, they often find themselves in line with the desire to move toward others and to unblock or free their own spiritual energetic resources so that they may do the same. This is called Awakening The Healer Within. This unblocking or freeing of resources, or even lighting the path or opening doors by clearing debris that obstructs them, is the path of moving others towards their Authentic Selves, or Awakening or Healing them, but this process is a cooperative with the patient or clients own Authentic Self. 

There is one last thing I want you to understand about this process in order to bring the concept of ill health, Healing and Awakening clearly into focus and context with one another. I mentioned that there is an organic process of evolution but what I did not mention is that this process has been in a stalled state for 2.5 million years. Deep down inside we are all called toward it in our own ways, but the ego, once necessary to the initial flowering of consciousness through matter evolution has over-stayed its welcome in its present form. It also feels it is unworthy of anything beyond the realm of matter, even though it eagerly installs itself upon a pedestal at all available opportunities. This struggled contradiction of unworthiness and bravado, comes from an important programmed ego trait of self improvement.

This goal of self improvement made all "things" possible but the Human Ego having become stalled in its evolution but cosmically aware through the Awakening process, has remained within the perpetual state of seeking constant growth through continued and enforced improvement. This is why we do not feel worthy.

The need to materially improve this planet was gradually ceased over a million years ago; the exceptions being unforeseen shifts in planetary ecology that forced resurgences of adaptation in certain species. However, in terms of Material Evolution it has remained satisfied, awaiting the installation and completion of the Second Stage of Consciousness Liberation or Transcendence.

It is this constant struggle within the contention of unworthiness that maintains egoic misdirection from completing the Second or Energetic stage of Evolution. It is also this continued contention about this state of unworthiness, what many religions refer to as sin, that contributes to a state of ill health or blockage of the channels that wish to express within the Second Stage of evolution. The Second Stage of Evolution or the Energetic Stage is the next step which is the liberation of conscious energy or Self from the confines of the transitional matter component or body, and Awakening is the first part of that stage.

It follows that the most important step in realizing and embodying the Authentic Self, is freeing oneself from the contentions of unworthiness due to the actions of their very transitional egos. This is the surest path toward the Authentic Self. Fortunately a gateway to fundamentally important Self acceptance has always been available through the Heart Center. This will be the topic for our next discussion. 


David Case