Hello, My name is David Case:

As a Healer, Intuitive and Channel I have been working through a very potent aspect of the energy anatomy I call the Subtle Circuitry. Though I use many other healing techniques: familiar ones that I have refined and novel ones that I have developed, The Subtle Circuitry is among the most revelatory and useful in terms of repairing and reawakening dormant portions of each individuals energy grid. 


What is the Subtle Circuitry?

The subtle circuitry is a fundamental level of construction of ourselves and the Universe. The Subtle Circuitry is the crystallization of intent, and is created every time every form of consciousness projects the desire to act through free will.  

Another way to see it is like a code; at a deeper level, beyond measurable physics this code expresses the design, organization, and forward action of all things. 

The subtle circuitry has been expressed more metaphorically throughout history in Australian dot paintings, the symbolism of tribal cultures such as the Navajo and Hopi, and the mandalas of Eastern spiritual systems. 

In terms of healing work, our physical anatomy as well as our energy anatomy is constantly manifesting through this expressive grid. The presence of interference, or disharmony within that energetic code, is the registry of disharmony within the physical and energy anatomy. The sources of problems can be uncovered through intuitively mapping aspects of this architecture and deliberately repairing or reorganizing it.

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Let the Journey begin...

In 2 sessions and 4 steps we will embark on your journey of healing:

Session 1

Step 1: Initial contact through the first circuit mapping.

Step 2: Consultation

Step 3: Direct interface with the Subtle Circuitry through a healing session. 

Session 2

Step 4: Remapping your circuit with an energetic goal. As well as giving new tools and exercises for the process. 


What are the benefits to this work?

Not only will our work together connect you to a greater internal source of healing, it can also connect you to a greater sense of personal purpose: woven into all of us is a greater potential for personal growth and expansion that can be revealed through the healing process.

This work is also especially potent for individuals experiencing a Kundalini or Energy Awakening and can help to put you in greater contact, understanding and balance with that process.