Healing Through the Subtle Circuitry


A Transformative Journey


A New Paradigm of  Healing and Spiritual Awareness Awaits...

The Subtle Circuitry is a window through which one can glimpse a very ancient and fundamental part of our consciousness and how it is woven into the fabric of our bodies and the surrounding Universe. This offers a unique opportunity for healing and personal expansion through a new self awareness. 

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Schedule of Events

& Lectures

In addition to a regular healing practice, employing the Subtle Circuit evaluation and work along with a host of other healing techniques and approaches, I also offer regular workshops and lectures for an even deeper exploration of the tools and potentials for the evolution of our being and our consciousness: it all depends on how far you want to go.

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Lecture/Expo offered in Connecticut 


THe Subtle Circuit: I am free


The Energetic/Genetic Inheritance of form and function


The Subtle Circuit: I am Protected


The Soul Star Meditation



Other Offerings:

In addition to the work with Subtle Circuitry, I also offer these Healing Options:

Spiritual Counseling

Balancing Energy Systems and Polarity

Kundalini Leveling and Counseling

Connection to and facilitation of useful Ancestral Threads

Consciousness Defragmentation (Soul Retrieval)

Energy Blockage, Entity and Parasite Clearing

Akashic Lens and Implant Removal

Akashic Unplugging




Awaken The Healer Within